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Jan Roberts-Dominguez: Local Artist and Her Team (Final part 3)

Jan Roberts-Dominguez’s and her husband Steve’s home is their gallery. The gallery walls, beautifully lined with landscape paintings and hung by their custom frames, is home to the couple who welcomed me at the door as if we’d known each other for ages. Jan and Steve Dominguez are more than just husband and wife who share a love for art, they are teammates. 
Jan, who graduated with a master’s in Home Economics with a minor in Food Nutrition, isn’t just a watercolor painter. Among her many creative callings, she is also a renowned food stylist and freelance writer/food columnist, the creator of five cookbooks, and a photographer.
“I've always been an artist, even food was a creative outlet for me,” Jan said, smiling and fingering through her latest book, “Oregon Hazelnut Country: The Food, the Drink, the Spirit.” 

Her husband Steve, by her side, says that “she can look at any recipe, and tell whether it’s going to work, so that’s a big leg up.” Jan’s creativity and knowledge of recipe…

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